For supervisory board members

Your independent board office – free yourself up for your most important task: supervising and consulting the board of directors


Independent Board Office

Are you a member of the supervisory board or advisory board of a German company? You are missing time to advise management more intensively?

By setting up a supervisory board office, I can help you to meet the increased duties of this mandate and to relieve you from the formalism.

Moderation & Facilitation

You have already initiated projects to drive change processes in your company? But these projects have stalled?

Often central decisions are pending or goals are unclear for those involved. I accompany you in this process and help you to overcome the hurdles.

Solving Conflicts

Do you repeatedly notice tensions and conflicts in your team that paralyze your organization and slow down change processes?

Tension can be used as fuel for change. I help you and your team to work with tensions, resolve conflicts and release your full potential for change.

From being management consultant to becoming a transformation facilitator

I am firmly convinced that we need a new kind of business consultants.

Emphatic facilitators. People who understand the core of your business, ask you the right questions and help you change your perspective.

That is why I am self-employed. My mission is to help you change from within yourself and find your own personal path of digital transformation.

Would you like to know more about me?

Are you ready to drive change in your company?

Please write to me. I will usually answer you within 24 hours.