Master the digital transformation: With pragmatic and sustainable transformation strategies.

To become a pioneer of the SME sector and offer your customers digital products that are fit for the future.

Driving digital transformation and becoming future-proof: With a holistic approach.

You’ve known it for a long time: digitization is happening. Constantly and everywhere, even without our intervention. Gradually, but at the same time rapidly, digitization is impacting all areas of our lives. Digital transformation is no longer a hype, but our reality.

At the same time, companies are still finding it difficult to adapt to these changes. Many digitization projects stall or fail. After all, sustainable digitization requires more than just transforming analog products into digital solutions. Digital transformation must be thought of holistically in order to actually work.

Digital transformation succeeds when

  • Your corporate values are translated into “the digital world” and continue to exist
  • Your employees know their role in the change process and stand behind your transformation strategy
  • You question your understanding of leadership and live digital leadership
  • Your IT is ready for the digital transformation and can actively support it

Do you want to position yourself for the future in our digital world? Do you want to find the right path for your company’s digital transformation? As a digital transformation consultant, I can help you do just that. Let’s talk about it together: In a free initial consultation.

Your path to digital transformation

Digital Check & Transformation Roadmap

Not sure where to start with digital transformation? Do you want an individual roadmap that fits your company?

Let us develop the target image for your company together and plan the way to get there.

Implementation support during the transformation

You have already initiated projects to drive the digital transformation in your company?but these projects have stalled?

I accompany you in your transformation process and support you in mastering the challenges.

Conflict Management & Mediation

You keep noticing tensions and conflicts that paralyse your organisation and slow down change?

Get to the root cause: Because only your employees make the transformation successful.

From being management consultant to becoming a transformation facilitator

I am firmly convinced that we need a new kind of business consultants.

Emphatic facilitators. People who understand the core of your business, ask you the right questions and help you change your perspective.

That is why I am self-employed. My mission is to help you change from within yourself and find your own personal path of digital transformation.

Would you like to know more about me?

Are you ready to drive the digital transformation in your company?

Please write to me. I will usually answer you within 24 hours.