Change. Negotiate. Trust.

Who is not familiar with it? We all negotiate every day in our professional life.

Customers negotiate with clients. Employees conduct salary negotiations. Project teams negotiate about resources. Self-employed people discuss their fees.

People negotiate with people – for a successful agreement.

How can I support?

Inhouse negotiation trainings

You or your team should act stronger in future negotiations? In order to practise this in advance in a safe environment, I offer you individual workshops and training sessions. Learn what it means to achieve successful and fair negotiation results.

My trainings are characterised by a particularly large practical part in which you have the opportunity to directly apply new negotiation strategies. Of course, I adapt workshops and trainings individually to your wishes.

1:1 coachings

No professional athlete goes to a match without a coach. In professional sport it is common practice, in the working world it is still too little considered. You are facing an important negotiation? You may already be in the middle of it? It’s about time that you allowed yourself strong support from a sparring partner. Together we will reflect on your negotiating situation and prepare you optimally for the upcoming negotiation rounds.

Negotiation Consulting / Shadow Consulting

Are you in a very complex or conflict-ridden situation and would like more intensive support than coaching? Are you looking for someone who will give you immediate stability and security in the negotiation? I would also be pleased to actively accompany you throughout the entire negotiation process. I can act as a consultant in the background or sit right next to you at the negotiating table. I will help you to strengthen your business relationship in the long term.


Sometimes projects or negotiations come to a standstill. Have you already invested too much to break off the cooperation? There is too much at stake.

Mediation can help you get back to the negotiating table. I support you in getting back into conversation with your counterpart.

My mindset

Lisa Kohlrusch – negotiation expert


My credo: Change. Negotiate. Trust.

Conflicts arise in change processes. We negotiate with each other to make things positive. My experience: If you meet at eye level and build genuine trust in your counterpart, you will find good solutions even in difficult situations.

I believe in the concept of win-win results and support you in being creative to increase the value of your agreement.


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