Executive Coaching

for founders and managers

Executive coaching is a person-oriented individual consultation that helps you to think through issues in your professional life.You have the opportunity to tidy up your thoughts, question them and find solutions. Coaching is a process of reflection and consists of the interaction between you as the coachee and me as your coach.

What is systemic coaching?

Coaching has been one of THE trend terms in recent years. Business coaching, life coaching, leadership coaching – you name it. You might be asking yourself “Why are you doing systemic coaching of all things?”

Let’s start from the beginning. Before we talk about systemic coaching, we first need to talk about systemic thinking. Systemic thinking is based on a holistic, integrated approach. This means that we systemic thinkers look at interrelationships.

To help you solve your problem, we therefore look at interactions, relationships, histories and much more. This is the only way you will benefit from a solution that can really be implemented in your individual case.

Because only you know what works best for you, as a coach I don’t usually bring my own solution with me. Instead, I leave it up to you to decide which of the solution options is best for you.

Typical issues that coaching can help with

What do I stand for and how do I come across in my role as a founder?

How can I realize the full potential of my team?

How can I deal with conflicts in my team?

How do I deal with employees who do not meet my expectations?

Picture by Arno Senonjr

Coaching Process

  • Get in touch with me via the contact form, by e-mail or by phone
  • We will clarify whether I am the right person for you and your concerns
  • If necessary, make an appointment and initial consultation

  • We get to know each other personally and you can get an impression of me as a coach
  • The initial meeting takes place online and lasts 30 minutes
  • At the end of this meeting, we decide together whether to start coaching
  • We discuss your concerns and define initial goals if necessary

  • As soon as we have decided to work together in the initial meeting, the coaching agreement is made
  • We jointly determine the content, the timeframe, the fee and all other important framework conditions

  • We work out your specific assignment for me and define goals
  • Based on this, we develop solutions for your specific issue
  • A session lasts a maximum of 60 minutes and can take place either online or in my office in Wetzlar
  • There are usually 2 – 12 sessions with an interval of 2 – 6 weeks between the meetings

  • is achieved when you have reached the goals you set yourself
  • Finally, we meet again to reflect together on what has been achieved and what may have changed for you during the process

… how would you feel if the issue was resolved? Find out!

Do you think coaching could take you further? Then get in touch with me so that we can find out how well we fit together. After all, a coaching process is only successful if coach and coached find a basis of trust. Book a free intro call with me and get an idea of who I am as a coach.

Book your free introductory meeting now (online via MS Teams)

Do you have any questions about the coaching process in advance? Then feel free to send me an e-mail.

Lisa Kohlrusch

I will be pleased to support as a coach.

If you would like to learn more about my work, feel free to write me directly at hello@pactum-advisory.com or use the contact form.