Lisa Kohlrusch

Hi! I’m Lisa, process facilitator and conflict coach.

My mission: Support companies in shaping change processes in a positive way.

From being a traditional management consultant to becoming a transformation facilitator

I first encountered changes when I started my dual study programme in the business world.

My employer initiated a major restructuring only a few months after I started working there. Business units were sold, management structures changed massively and the workforce was gradually reduced.

In my various training stations, one thing was the same: the employees were frustrated. Some had even resigned completely. I was unsettled and wondered if this was “the normal working world”.

I’m sure you can imagine: They also lost me right after my studies. I switched to management consulting after completing my studies.

Because I already knew one thing: I love change and I enjoy helping to shape change! That’s why it was obvious for me to switch to the project business. Consulting is always about accompanying change.

As a management consultant, I supported various IT projects for DAX30 companies and other financial institutions. Here I built up a very profound knowledge of corporate governance. I discovered my enthusiasm for accompanying and moderating decision-making processes.

At the same time, as a management consultant, I also saw a world in which power and economic success often took precedence over values and people. It was not unusual for me to be the only young woman at a table with managers and board members.

For a long time I tried to find the right balance. Although my performance was always very good: I felt empty and tired. I realised that I would not be able to manage this balancing act in the long run and that my personal value conflict was too big.

I want to be part of a business world where we are allowed to be human and where our values and needs are the focus of our daily work.

In order to shape my personal working environment myself, the step into self-employment was therefore an obvious one.

“Lisa, you are building new bridges between us. We are a real team again for the first time”. Those were the words of a former client.

And that is exactly how I see myself: I am helping teams to find connection again. I help people to meet at eye level. Between management and employees. Between business and IT. Between customers and service providers, in order to successfully master change processes together.

I don’t have a patent remedy – but I can help you develop your own personal recipe for success.

Are you encountering problems in the transformation of your company?

Traditional management consultants often provide you with quick solutions to complicated questions. They usually have industry expertise or relevant skills. But is that alone a guarantee of success for your transformation?

You’ve probably known it for a long time: transformations never fail because of a lack of know-how. The cause usually lies in the change process itself. Classic consultants develop strategies that do not fit your company and are therefore never really lived. Changes are introduced top-down without involving the employees. As soon as the consultants are out of the house, you are faced with the same or new problems.

In the context of New Work, there are more and more new approaches to counselling. Here, counsellors tend to take on the role of coaches or process facilitators. This is also my understanding of sustainable counselling. My mission is to support you to change from within yourself.

That is why, despite my expertise, I cannot offer you the one patent remedy. It would be presumptuous to claim that I can judge the complex challenges of your company from the outside.

Rather, I would like to accompany you in finding the right solution for you. I see my task as asking you the right questions in order to develop existing potential in your company. Together with you and your colleagues.

Trustfully, empathically and boldly I accompany you on your journey

Values shape the way we deal with each other. I would like to share my most important values with you. That way you will get to know me a little better. It is important for me to work with like-minded people. Because: values give us orientation. If we have a similar compass of values, I can accompany you on your journey.


In my eyes, trust is the most important foundation for successful change. The same applies to our cooperation.

Discretion and transparency are of great importance to me in order to build a strong basis of trust with you. In this way, I would like to offer you a protected space for a fruitful cooperation.


I grew up in a work environment where feelings had no place. They were considered unprofessional.

I see it differently. I think relationship-oriented leadership is an important success factor if we want to shape companies for people in the future.


I know it sounds old-fashioned. But it is not. On the contrary: we need boldness more urgently than ever.

Everyone talks about being optimistic. But I believe we need to be more. I want to encourage you to develop bold ideas. For yourself. For your company. For our society.

You share these values? Then let us get to know each other!

‘Cause I love to wear different hats:

Every transformation is unique. In order to accompany you in your change process in the best possible way, I take on different roles depending on the situation:

Portrait Lisa Kohlrusch

Translator and Moderator

I learned early on how to interact with board members and other decision-makers. I find it easy to prepare information in such a way that it can serve as a basis for decision-making. I love to moderate decision-making processes and to translate between management and the teams.

Negotiation consultant and negotiation coach

We all negotiate every day. About strategic decisions. About budgets, about resources. Or even with our service providers. I help you to reach sustainable agreements.

Mediator and conflict coach

Tension always arises in change processes. Within the company. With partners. I moderate clarifying discussions, support you in your relationship work and help you to resolve difficult conflicts.