Board Office – Your independent supervisory board office

That supervisory board members have enough time to contribute their expertise to companies

In recent years, the governance requirements for supervisory boards have been expanded and tightened several times. This often leads to supervisory board members investing a lot of time in formalism. This time is not available for their actual task: monitoring and (strategically) advising the management board.

In other European countries such as Great Britain or the Netherlands, there has long been a function – the so-called company secretary – which supports the members of the Supervisory Board. I am convinced that we in Germany must also recognize and promote the importance of a company secretary or supervisory board office. My mission is to professionalize supervisory board work and to relieve board members.

For (supervisory) board members

How I support you as independent board office

Support for board meetings

  • Preparation and follow-up of Supervisory Board meetings and committees
  • Creation of meeting agendas, topic plans as well as minutes
  • Scheduling and beeting coordination
  • Back-Office incl. data storage

Ensure information flow

  • Providing and passing on information between the Supervisory Board, individual committees, and the Executive Board
  • Support in the preparation of governance issues


  • Compiling company and industry content
  • Compiling assistance for minutes, agendas, and other formalities.
  • Support for the transition of functions between two committee members


Benefits of an independent board office

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest – In German supervisory board practice, duties are often assumed by the CEO’s office as well as the head of the legal department. This constellation is prone to conflicts of loyalty and interest.
  • Relieving the workload of committee members – The board office takes on a large number of formal tasks, thus enabling the Supervisory Board or committee members to focus more on the substantive issues of their role.
  • Good Corporate Governance – Compliance with supervisory law and other regulatory requirements is the be-all and end-all of professional committee work. The board office provides templates and checklists to help you comply with the formalities.
Lisa Kohlrusch

I will be pleased to support you as an independent board office.

If you would like to learn more about my work, feel free to write me directly at or use the contact form.